This is what the new WhatsApp camera will look like

Patrick Devaney


We’ve been tracking new and incoming WhatsApp features such as the Communities feature and a massive increase in group chat capabilities for a while now. Another feature, which we’ve touched on but which has mostly been advancing quietly in the background is the new WhatsApp camera feature. Today, however, we can bring you more details about the upcoming feature and even show you a screenshot of what it will look like.

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As we previously reported, the new WhatsApp camera is needed because the soon to be launched Communities feature will replace the existing camera button. It already has for some of the beta community test users who we can thank for this scoop.

This is what the new WhatsApp camera will look like

Interestingly, however, as you can see from the screenshot above, the new WhatsApp camera feature is not a simple copy and paste job from the old one. Instead, the new WhatsApp camera will have both a photo and video capture setting, which will at least make it easier for you to record videos while you are using WhatsApp. At the moment, when you use the camera setting on WhatsApp you have to hold the shutter button down when you want to record a video as opposed to simply tapping it when you want to take a photo.

This means that in theory then, it will be much easier to record and send longer videos using the new WhatsApp camera when it launches. This is interesting as it could open up the possibility of sending much larger video files, which is also something WhatsApp has been working on recently. Even though this may only seem like a small update, analysis indicates that it could be part of a much more broader development movement for the popular messaging app.

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Image via: WABetaInfo

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