WhatsApp is boosting its file-sharing capabilities

Patrick Devaney


We’ve recently been tracking the development of Telegram’s new premium subscription service including revealing all the features and the price. One of the new features boosted the file-sharing capabilities up to 4 GB per file. It was interesting to note that not long after that, WhatsApp announced it was boosting its max sharing file size from 100 MB to 2 GB, matching the now standard offering of Telegram. Well now, it looks like WhatsApp is further improving its file-sharing capabilities by adding a simple update that will come in handy. Let’s check it out.

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An update has been spotted in the current WhatsApp Desktop beta that will help users who like to send files or who receive a lot of files to better organize their workflow.

WhatsApp is boosting its file-sharing capabilities

WhatsApp beta users on the Desktop version of the app have spotted that now, whenever they share a file across the app, they get the opportunity to add a caption to the file. The feature works like when you send an image. You select the image you want to send and then WhatsApp shows you a preview window with a message box at the bottom where you can type a message relating to the image. This is how it will work with the document captions too.

This is only a small update, but it will boost the productivity of people who use WhatsApp for professional purposes or just generally anybody who sends files across the app. Being able to add a caption to a file is like being able to add a filename or search term that you can type in any time you want to pull it up.

If you add this to the fact that WhatsApp has boosted the size of the files you can send up to 2 GB and all of a sudden you start to see WhatsApp as a decent file-sharing service on top of being the world’s most popular messaging app.

As this new feature is still in the beta testing stage, we can’t give you an update on when you should be able to expect it on regular versions of WhatsApp. Stick with us though, and we will keep you up to date with all the latest WhatsApp news.

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