Take a look at what your new WhatsApp avatar will be like

Patrick Devaney


WhatsApp has been building a lot of new features recently, which should revolutionize how people use the app in a much more serious manner. As well as a slew of new privacy features, the popular messaging app is also seriously augmenting its file transfer capabilities and its group chat functionality. It isn’t all super serious, however, as we have also reported on a new MeMoji style Avatar coming to WhatsApp and today we can bring all the latest news on the fun new feature as well as some leaked screenshots.

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In July we reported on the very early testing that WhatsApp was doing on certain aspects of a new MeMoji feature. At that point, however, we could only really see that the feature was coming as the only thing live on the beta version of the app was the Create Your Avatar button. Now, however, much more has been added, which you can see below thanks to the team at WABetaInfo.

Take a look at what your new WhatsApp avatar will be like

WhatsApp will give you the chance to create your own customized full-body avatar and will then use it to automatically create sticker packs with your avatar as the subject. You will also be able to share your avatar as a WhatsApp status update and set your avatar as your WhatsApp profile picture. Another cool feature on the horizon is that in the future you should be able to use your WhatsApp avatar as a mask during video calls. This will allow you to present a familiar image to who you are talking to but still retain an aspect of privacy.

For now, however, all we can do is celebrate the fact that this feature is developing nicely as we still do not have any idea about when we can expect to see it roll out to all users. We will keep tracking this story and update when we have more news.

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