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How to use WhatsApp to be more productive – Tips & Tricks Unleashed

Joy Sarcar


Are you frustrated with the myriad of WhatsApp notifications disrupting you now and then? Do you archive most of the WhatsApp chats? Billions of people are using this popular messaging yet are unaware of how productive it can be.

Time to take a reality check on how beneficial the wonder can be provided you streamline it to your advantage. Let’s show you how you can use WhatsApp to be more productive.

How to use WhatsApp to be more productive – Tips & Tricks Unleashed

Is WhatsApp risky?

A few USPs of this app are end-to-end connectivity in a few seconds, quick loading, and encrypted chats. However, managing group chats and contact with family or friends can be tedious. Perhaps, a weekend party plan with your loved ones could drain out a significant chunk of your valuable time and ruin productivity with hundreds of notifications. 

That is why many companies hesitate to allow employees to use this app at the workplace. The absurd chain of WhatsApp Forwards, Quiche News, and First spreads can be a few other reasons for commotions in your work.

The technological expertise of this app can foster your business growth if you channelize it in the right direction. It is the world’s largest text communication channel, and imagine its impact to bring purpose and management to enterprise levels.

Professional use of WhatsApp to bolster better productivity

This app’s proper supervision and management can bring tremendous value to your entity. Empowering them with the steps and tips to use Whatsapp rightly is the need of the hour. Integrating a central mobile communication system is an excellent way to converse the positive of this app and reduce the risks or vulnerabilities to minimal.

  1. Share Newsletters Via WhatsApp

    How to Make Best Use of Whatsapp for Increasing Productivity

    Conventional use of newsletters was to track the employees’ timelines, product innovations, discussions, and updates on what’s new and latest additions to the entity. Owing to the work-related emails filing up the mailboxes, it’s hard to delve through the newsletters. Hence, a modern way is to share them through WhatsApp as it’s an easy way to reach out to the maximum employees with a single click. Attaching the newsletter copy or file in a company broadcast WhatsApp group could fetch their attention and motivate them to do better in their jobs.

  2. Utilize WhatsApp for Quick Decision-Making

    How to Make Best Use of Whatsapp for Increasing Productivity

    Some matters and concerns require immediate attention in every company. It’s a trend to communicate over WhatsApp groups rather than texting personally about an issue. How about taking employee insights here? This helps subordinates and managers secure the right directions relevant to issues and come up with solutions that need collective approvals. As everything is in writing here, this is a great place to keep records of discussions. It can help multi-tasking rather than sparing hours to sit in conference rooms over a minor issue. Faster conversations, quick solutions, and a better impression on company clients are now possible with this app.

  3. Group Messaging is an Asset

    How to Make Best Use of Whatsapp for Increasing Productivity

    Only a thorough professional can understand the value of time and how self-realization about time management can add value to the company. Group messaging is a popular WhatsApp feature often used for gossip and irrelevant discussions. Rather departments can have their individual groups headed by the Subject Matter Expert (SME), who highlights the issue and asks employees to pour in their relevant insights on all matters. Project leaders can minimize the decision-making time by asking employees for their input on the problem, thus helping them connect and participate in the internal issues of the organizations.

  4. Collect Employee Feedbacks

    How to Make Best Use of Whatsapp for Increasing Productivity

    Do you know that research suggests that 70% of the messaging on WhatsApp groups is subject to personal opinion on important or unimportant matters. The residue of this research indicates that this is a perfect platform to gather suggestions and feedback from the employees. You can converse with them about their experience in the company and encounter if they are facing any challenges with the workplace culture. They can also give accurate feedback on the specific issues that could result in a meaningful end result.

Seven ways to rescue from the buzzing WhatsApp chats

If switching back to the task after the WhatsApp chat is a roadblock you have faced for quite a long time, here are the quick ways to save yourself and control the time you spend on WhatsApp:

1. Keep Selective Broadcast List– It can be intruding to hang up on someone’s device with vague messages, and the best way is to limit your broadcast circle to limited contacts to avoid a two-way jam.

2. No Influencer in List– Respect your time by staying away from adding contacts in the WhatsApp list of influencers who have to develop networking by trailing messages to increase count.

3. Minimal WhatsApp Groups– Be the member of the groups that have only valuable text popping in. Groups with 50-100 members can be noisy, leading to hampered productivity at the end.

4. No Forwarded Messages Please– Do not waste your and others’ time by bugging devices with boring jokes or links that yield no meaning at all. Devote weekends for such activities and avoid spamming strictly.

5. Make Promotions– Use your wits right for marketing and promotion of your products. Personal contact helps build a better rapport. It could be a valuable insight to the users on the other end.

6. No Bad Grammar– People get used to texting acronyms and jargon for quick text senders. This could impact your professional conversational tone. Thus, stay formal, polite, and to the point in your text.

7. No ‘last Seen’ Business Please– Do not stalk over the ‘last seen’ or ‘last read’ time of others as someone is online does not mean that they are chatting. Respect time and focus on more important things and result-yielding in life.

What’s new in WhatsApp?

The latest addition to the WhatsApp power is the WhatsApp Archiver that further simplifies the issues related to compliance and regulation of this app. It helps in creating messages and communications through group messaging threads.

It is similar to the original Whatsapp application but augments the communication experience for the employees. You can use it to archive all marked chats and search, track or retrieve them whenever required. A detailed administration report can also be available with this system.

Make better use of your Whatsapp time!

WhatsApp is a backbencher in a class whose potential is least discovered and unexplored to bring into utility! While complaining about its annoying buzzes and quirky messages, you can flip to the other side that could be very productive and game-changing if used right.

An intelligent user demands excellence in technology, and WhatsApp never fails to show it out. All you need is a focus-centric approach towards utilizing most of this application and reaping maximum benefits of it in your professional life. Kudos to the Smart Technology!

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