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3 tricks to control the time you spend on WhatsApp and other apps

Jacob Yothment


Has anyone ever told you that you spend way too much time on WhatsApp?

What about Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?

Maybe you just spend too much time fiddling around on your phone in general. 

If you think so, we got a secret for you: you’re most likely right. Fear not! There is a cure for your app addiction. We found three different methods for you to try!  

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Turn off notifications

It’s a simple method, but it can work!

Disable each and every one of your notifications to keep you from being disturbed. Obviously, you shouldn’t remove notifications for ALL of your messaging services in case there’s an emergency.

It is proven that when you unlock your phone in response to a notification, you’re likely to open up other apps and waste more time on your phone.

To deactivate notifications in WhatsApp, go to “Settings” and then “Notifications. ” From there, uncheck the corresponding boxes and your phone will stop receiving alerts. This is also a great way to help conserve your data!

Set specific hours

Again, it sounds simple enough, but if you only allow yourself to use apps during certian hours of the day, you will find yourself using them less and less.

If you need to use WhatsApp for work, only using it during business hours can help out. Or, if you use it to talk to your friends and family after work, you can only all yourself to use it after dinner time.

Once you have a set schedule of use for all of your apps, your time management skills will get much sharper.

Quality Time

Having a smartphone addiction is nothing to be ashamed about. Just like if you have a substance abuse addiction, there is an app to help you with your app addiction.

Are you worried if you are too hooked on your Android? How much time do you invest in Facebook Messenger? What about in Candy Crush? Do not fear: here is Quality Time to help you … or to just confirm that you should divorce your smartphone.

Quality Time helps you see just how much time you’re devoting to using all of your apps. There is also an option to “take a break.” This means that you cannot use any apps while you take a break. 

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With this application, we can also control how many times we unlock our smartphone every day.

Finally, we can tell our phone that we do not want to receive notifications, that calls are blocked (at bedtime, for example) or restrict some apps.

Wrapping up

Do you know other tricks to control your smartphone usage time? Share them with us.

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