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  • What is the WhatsApp Messenger service?

    WhatsApp is a messaging service which allows users to send and receive multimedia files, speak with friends and to transmit text messages. It is owned by Facebook.
  • Is WhatsApp Messenger safe to download?

    WhatsApp Messenger is considered safe to download and install. However, please note that only trusted portals should be used in order to avoid fake and/or malicious software bundles.
  • Will I be charged to download WhatsApp Messenger?

    WhatsApp Messenger is classified as freeware. This signifies that users will not be charged any type of download or subscription fee. This is also one of the reasons why it is a very popular communications service.
  • How much memory will WhatsApp Messenger require?

    Developers state that the exact amount of memory required by WhatsApp will vary between devices. However, they still recommend that at least one gigabyte of free hard drive space will be necessary in order to avoid any potential performance issues.
  • What platforms can WhatsApp Messenger work with?

    WhatsApp is known as a cross-platform application. It will therefore work with all major operating systems. These include Android and iOS devices. However, please note that some older versions (such as Windows Phone 8.0 and iOS 6) might no longer be supported.
  • How do I download and install WhatsApp Messenger?

    It is first important to navigate to a reputable provider. Then, the user will click on the download link associated with the appropriate operating system. Once the file has been installed, the individual will click on the icon and agree to the terms and conditions. The application can thereafter be accessed with the click of a button.
  • What permissions will WhatsApp Messenger require?

    Like many third-party applications, WhatsApp will need to access specific permissions in order to function properly. Some examples include camera rolls, photo albums, contacts, and audio feeds. A detailed list can be found at the official website.
  • Can WhatsApp Messenger be used for video calls?

    One of the most popular features associated with WhatsApp is that it allows users to make video calls with one another. Once the chat window is open, the video call icon will need to be selected. Assuming that contact accepts the call, he or she will be provided with a video feed. The contact can also choose to activate his or her camera to enjoy a live two-way video interface.
  • Does WhatsApp Messenger support group chat?

    Group chat is another feature offered by WhatsApp. Assuming that a call has been established, it is possible to choose the "Add Participants" icon in order to invite others to join in on a conversation. Up to four individuals are supported with group chat at any given time.
  • Can I call friends and family for free with WhatsApp Messenger?

    While the messenger itself is free to use, please note that additional data charges may apply if the other participant does not have WhatsApp installed on their device. Those who would like to learn more are encouraged to contact their mobile service provider.


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