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Free feature-filled desktop messenger

WhatsApp is a free chat service that is available on multiple devices, like mobile devices, tablets, PCs, and laptops. This app has more features on the mobile version, like disappearing messages. The mobile app lets you make video and voice calls, as well as on Mac.

Most chat applications require all participants to have the same platform to chat together. Chat apps that are like WhatsApp include Facebook MessengerGroupMeSignalTelegram, and Viber. iMessage automatically comes with iOS devices to let you talk to anyone, whether they have an iOS or Android device. All services allow you to message people individually and in groups too.

What is WhatsApp used for?

WhatsApp is a chat app that lets you send texts, images, videos, and voice messages to recipients. While the mobile version provides more services, the Mac version allows you conveniently send instant messages. 

WhatsApp for Mac is convenient when this software is not working on mobile devices. Since this app is owned by Meta, or Metaverse, the mobile and PC versions are unavailable when Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down.

How can I install WhatsApp for free?

WhatsApp is not a standalone app. It needs to be installed on your phone before you can use the application on your Mac. After downloading this app on your Mac, a QR code will appear on your screen. You must do a few steps on your phone before using WhatsApp on your computer or laptop.

The steps are simple. 

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone to go to the Menu and then Settings to click ‘WhatsApp Web.'
  2. Aim your camera at the desktop screen to register the code. Your WhatsApp web app will be linked to your WhatsApp mobile phone account.


The simple user interface will automatically launch after you complete the sync. The UI is organized into a right and left side. You can find a list of your active conversations on the left and the current conversation thread on the right.

Additional items on the left side include a dashboard and search bar. The icons in the dashboard let you edit your profile, status, and settings and start new chats. You can use the search bar to find specific words or people within your chat history.

Is it safe to install WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp is owned by one of the largest technology companies, this program is unsafe to use. Privacy is constantly an issue when technology is involved. This app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure your messages are secure. However, the encryption is not guaranteed, and only sometimes your information remains private between the recipients of your chats and yourself.

What are the dangers of using WhatsApp?

Privacy policies are essential to pay attention to because the information is often misleading or hidden within the terms. The WhatsApp blog mentions that WhatsApp considers the chats sent with WhatsApp Business end-to-end encrypted. Since the word considers is used instead of a definite word, the validity of end-to-end encryption is unclear.

Messages not delivered right away to someone who is not online get stored on WhatsApp servers, making those messages not end-to-end encrypted. Media that is forwarded in WhatsApp is not end-to-end encrypted either. Another critical point is that WhatsApp logs a tremendous amount of personal information from users that can get shared.

How can I use WhatsApp on PC without a phone?

WhatsApp on either a Mac or PC lets you perform basic actions. This app lets you edit your profile when you tap on the circle profile image in the dashboard. The Profile area allows you to change your profile picture with an image on your Mac. Sections are available to type in your name and your about information.

Chats are easy to start since you can click on the new message icon in the dashboard. You can type a contact name into the New chat area or choose one of this app’s Frequently Contacted options. A New group button lets you start a group chat. The new chat window will populate on the right side of the UI.

The name of your recipient or group will be at the top of the screen with icons. The magnifying glass lets you search the chats. You can click on the paper clip icon to send images and videos from your Mac to the recipients. The text box is at the bottom of the screen with an emoji icon on the left. More options appear when you click on the emoji button, like GIFs. You can search through the GIF directory to find the best conversation options.

The microphone icon to the right of the text box lets you send audio messages to your recipients. You only need to tap the microphone button once, unlike the mobile apps that have you hold your finger down while you record. A timer lets you know how long your voice recording is.

Multi-device sync and better calling features

WhatsApp has many new features, including multi-device synchronization and improved calling capabilities. Users can use this app on their PCs even when their phones are switched off. The app now also supports group video calls with up to eight people and group audio calls with up to 32 people, making it easier for users to communicate with their friends and colleagues.

Group-related features for enhanced communication

WhatsApp has introduced two new group-related functionalities that aim to enhance communication on the app. The first feature allows group admins to scan through all requests to join the group under the Pending Participants section. The second feature will enable users to see shared groups in search results for a name. These features are part of ongoing efforts to improve the messaging experience for its users.

WhatsApp continues to improve performance on different platforms

WhatsApp is continually working to improve its performance on different platforms. The company recently introduced a new Mac client in public beta with performance improvements for Apple Silicone-based systems. The messaging service is also testing a new version optimized for Android tablets. These efforts demonstrate WhatsApp's commitment to providing users with a seamless and user-friendly messaging experience.

What’s new?

A wave of new features in various testing stages is on the horizon for WhatsApp, promising an enhanced communication experience. One major update lets you upload videos up to one minute long as status updates, doubling the current limit. Plus, mentioning contacts in your status updates is on the way. Thanks to a new shortcut within chats, sharing your QR code for payments is about to get smoother.

With the full integration of Meta AI assistant, you can have an all-around companion without leaving the app. For those tired of endless voice note exchanges, a transcription feature that lets you see the text version of voice messages is in the works. Pinned messages limit gets a boost as well. The app also rolls out a feature that can block screenshots of profile pictures to provide extra protection.

User-friendly chat service for Macs

WhatsApp for Mac is an ideal service to install in case you only need to send instant messages. The IMs can include audio, image, text, and video content. You may not want to go through the installation process for WhatsApp on your Mac in case you prefer to use WhatsApp for phone and video calls.


  • Convenient
  • Can edit profile
  • Clean user interface
  • Simple chat structure


  • Risky privacy policy

Also available in other platforms

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Whatsapp for Mac

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 24.5.76
  • 4

  • Security Status

User reviews about Whatsapp

  • Sunita Shrestha

    by Sunita Shrestha

    its excellent. best quality. thank you. now ply don't ask me anything

  • Leon De Broize

    by Leon De Broize

    I have installed it on my Macbook Pro but can't find how to make voice calls like on the phone.



    whatsapp is the best platform for friends living afar from each another,it makes easy use for family and other colleagues

  • Sino Nocwaka Klaas

    by Sino Nocwaka Klaas

    useful for easy communication with family and friends and more especially with video calling app for business


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