WhatsApp ups the group voice call person limit

Russell Kidson


A little over a week ago, WhatsApp announced the impending launch of its Communities feature. The Meta-based messaging app also announced a soon-to-be-released update to its group voice call feature. The new update is here, and it’s a remarkable improvement over the previous version. WhatsApp now supports up to 32 users in a single group voice call.

The previous limit was a meager eight users per call, which understandably caused a few issues with groups of larger volumes trying to connect with each other live at the same time. Given that WhatsApp has, in recent years, become quite a powerful tool for keeping in touch with business interests and clients, this eight-user limit seemed a little short-sighted. 

WhatsApp ups the group voice call person limit

While the limit adjustment only applies to voice calls on WhatsApp groups and not video calls, it still satisfies a need within the communication sphere, particularly in the corporate and social sectors where people can now be in live contact with more people at once. The update comes with a fresh user interface for group voice calls, complete with waveforms and a social audio layout. 

The new feature is available now for Android and iOS

This isn’t the only news from the WhatsApp stables, though. It seems that Meta’s messenger app is on the receiving end of more improvements, bug fixes, and feature additions within the last few months. In addition to an updated design for voice message bubbles, WhatsApp is also testing a beta feature that gives users more control over who sees the media they share. The new feature will let users choose recipients when they share media. You’ll now be able to choose between the ‘My Contacts’, ‘My Contacts Except’, and ‘Only Share With’ options.

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