You can soon link a second mobile device to your WhatsApp account

Monique Casingal


Following its multi-device feature update weeks ago, WhatsApp is starting to work on a second version that will allow users to link new mobile devices to their WhatsApp accounts. This will add a new section to the screen interface where you can register your other phone or tablet. 

Among the instant messaging app’s numerous beta features in development, WhatsApp’s multi-device support is currently one of the best that’s finally been made available to the public. With it, users can link up to four desktop devices and one phone to their WhatsApp account and let them access the app’s services almost anywhere. 

You can soon link a second mobile device to your WhatsApp account

However, some users have more mobile devices so the limitation of only one phone per account can be stifling. Fortunately, WhatsApp Beta is already developing more of the feature and will be introducing a “second version” soon. This will let you add another phone to your supported devices via the “Register Device as Companion” feature.

This new section will only show up when you open WhatsApp on a different phone. It will display instructions on how to link up your new phone to your account and will require one of your linked devices to work first. Similar to how the multi-device feature works, it’ll display a QR code you can scan. For now, WhatsApp is working on supporting secondary phones but users will eventually be able to link tablets, too.

There’s no announced release date on the beta test for this just yet, but we can expect that it’ll eventually be available for all WhatsApp platforms. Regardless, this will be a great addition to the app’s list of handy features—especially for Business accounts since WhatsApp Business is developing an optional subscription plan that offers a bigger limit on supported devices. 

Image credit: WABetaInfo

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