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How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number in 2 Easy Methods

Shaun M Jooste


Privacy and security is a number one issue these days. Still, most messengers, including WhatsApp, require personal details for verification both on Android and iOS.

If sharing your phone number isn’t an option, you have a few other ways to trick the system.

  1. Connect a landline

    How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number

    While the verification is a must, you don’t have to use personal mobile digits for an account. Use a landline during registration and click the “Call Me” option instead of the SMS like you would when registering. Also, don’t forget to choose the country of origin.

    Once you get the 6-digit verification code over the bot call, enter it in the app. Voila!

  2. Connect a virtual number

    How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number

    This method includes getting a virtual number from a third-party application such as Grasshopper,, or Nextiva. To get one, you need to find a provider that suits your needs and install the app or log in to your account on the web. Like the previous method, you need to skip the SMS verification and wait for the bot call.

    You’ll receive the verification number during the call and will be able to start chatting on WhatsApp.

Stay private

If you step on this route, make sure you’re using a decent operator with ethical practice. The problem with these services could surpass the privacy considerations of just sharing your phone number on WhatsApp. In any case, ensure that you’re trusting the right company.

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