Send free text messages to your friends

WhatsApp allows you to send free text messages over the internet, saving you the cost of sending SMS. View full description


  • Free text messages to other WhatsApp user
  • Send text, photos, video and audio
  • Works across platforms
  • Lock screen notifications


  • Both parties need the app installed
  • No calling functionality

Very good

WhatsApp allows you to send free text messages over the internet, saving you the cost of sending SMS.

WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging service available on most mobile operating systems, as well as Windows and Mac. If you'd like to use WhatsApp for PC on your computer, download it here.

Complete alternative to SMS

WhatsApp Messenger replaces traditional SMS for a free instant messaging system over 3G, 4G, or WiFi.

The Windows Phone version of WhatsApp allows you to chart with your buddies through a classic chat-style window. You can chat to one person, or to a bunch of buddies through group messaging. The latter option makes for a good way to save on messages and communicate quicker.

In terms of its features, WhatsApp allows you to send photos, audio files, and videos. You can also share maps with your location, as well as contacts.

WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone includes a chat background feature, already found in the iOSand Android versions. This allows you to set a background wallpaper behind your chat messages, giving you the chance to pimp your own chats. The app also allows you to archive chats and groups; share your location by dragging and dropping a pin onto a map; and crop, rotate, and add captions to images.

How does it work?

In order for WhatsApp to work, both yourself and the person you want to chat with have to have the app installed. Once you've installed it, you can see which of your contacts are using WhatsApp and start speaking with them.

However, if you prefer to download Whatsapp on your computer download Whatsapp for PC

Whether or not WhatsApp is the best mobile messaging client is a matter for debate. Arguably it's not the most powerful, given that apps such as LINE and Tango have more interesting features than WhatsApp.

However, the strong point of WhatsApp is its popularity. Since lots of people use it as their messaging app of choice, it's become almost essential to have it installed on your phone (although in certain countries it's more popular than in others).

A success story

There are similar applications out there - better ones, even. But WhatsApp is an example of an app that offers a simple and fun way to chat. For this it's become hugely popular.


  • With the introduction of WhatsApp for Web, you can now send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer’s browser. To get started, visit web.whatsapp.com on your PC or Mac. This is only available on Windows Phone 8+.




User reviews about WhatsApp

  • Jose Vergel

    by Jose Vergel

    It is a good and faster tool to be communicated with everybody in the world.
    Pros: nothing elseMore

  • by Anonymous

    whatsapp used my busness.
    whatsapp lovely and importent to every one and nesasity for the world
    Pros: i lik...   More

  • by James Thornton

    I really love WhatsAp.
    Changed the way I use my phone completely. Now I can send free videos and audio clips too...   More