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WhatsApp for PC - not quite there yet

Normally, the popular messaging app WhatsApp is only used on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), however with the brand-new PC and Mac version of the app, you can finally use it from your desktop! All you need to do is simply install the WhatsApp program so you can chat with your friends straight from your Mac or Windows PC. Although it seems to work well so far, it is far from perfect.

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  • Charlie Greenem

    by Charlie Greenem

    Lots of people use it so I have to get with it as well. Free phone calls, good for international messaging.

  • Rony Steven

    by Rony Steven

    whatsApp tambien puede como asi porfavor venir nos vemas

  • Ceidy Paola Gonsales Velasques

    by Ceidy Paola Gonsales Velasques


  • Gamal Delh

    by Gamal Delh

    very nice application, many thanks for yours, my best regards.

  • Alick Shamema Chirwa

    by Alick Shamema Chirwa

    good and more resourceful,keep it up.i do highly recommend it for those notyet using the service.its the modern office and post offfice,fast and good interpersonnal communicating mode.

  • Federico García Espinosa

    by Federico García Espinosa

    ...para mi que he nacido en el año 1983, este pequeño gran programa; es una verdadera maravilla! Muy útil para la comunicación. Tanto como en un montón de herramientas asociadas, que ofrecen utilidades más allá de lo esperado. Fantastico.

  • Moses Kaumba

    by Moses Kaumba

    i recommend for the good job and they should have to continue. whatsup is the best for ever in my life and i always enjoy for the good job it does.

  • Kevin Bra

    by Kevin Bra

    WhatSapp has been an easy package for ease of communication in the networking, I love it and I like it, I therefore graded WhatSapp 99%

  • Viorel Ursa

    by Viorel Ursa

    este necesar se trimit poze , filmulete , felicitari , poante , bancuri etc .

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    yes. It is excellent communicator with friends, relative, business activity and any other family and social activities.

  • Bharat Mishra

    by Bharat Mishra

    Since last month chat history has been disappearing chronologically. Now trend has changed, every morning I find one or two chat history disappeared. I'm using MOTO G4 Plus mobile and recently got to know through google search that there are many people facing the same issue. Surprisingly whatsapp doesn't revert to this problem as more than 25 mails I have written to their support team. I had triMore

  • kashif raza

    by kashif raza

    they will be good for communication and i like that and i

  • Pooja Ap

    by Pooja Ap

    its just osm and amazing its is actually a good way of communication its good

  • Senth Kumar

    by Senth Kumar

    we have very useful for me like videos,message dwld videos film

  • கிங்ஸ் சிம்லன்

    by கிங்ஸ் சிம்லன்


  • M.R. MAMUN

    by M.R. MAMUN

    fine application for me. My audio and video chat all over cover this apps. Thanks WhatsApp



    level. i like it very much its a application which is being

  • Prakash Joshi

    by Prakash Joshi

    It is Fastest chatting with every one . I will like to recommend every one to have whats app on PC

  • Krisztina Szegedi

    by Krisztina Szegedi

    I heard from my friends that is a good app. You can see the other on, hear, send messages and also receice. I also would like to try today, hopefully will work also for me to see my relatives and friends.

  • Tarun Singh

    by Tarun Singh

    whatsapp is best communication app,weall frnd having a fun and share to pic and videoe

  • Albert Amissah

    by Albert Amissah

    it is good in chatting sending massage sending pictures and to talk to someone and manymore

  • Uday Naik

    by Uday Naik

    Its most essential and can used any time anywhere as you like

  • Ghaint Saab

    by Ghaint Saab

    i face instalation problrem please tell me how can i install this in my pc.



    it realy ok ihave it on my phone now on my pc good inprovement

  • philip Devid

    by philip Devid

    i recommend it because it helps to reach other people outside there and inside.

  • Shahrukh Ansari

    by Shahrukh Ansari

    its not showing qr code.... i have tried many times every time the same problem.

  • Sherman Hutchinson

    by Sherman Hutchinson

    this is so very nice we love what's app to be safe at all time with family and friends aii over world

  • santimohan molsom

    by santimohan molsom

    thank you. for receiving me on whatsapp and new joining for whatsapp.

  • Wilhelmina Mbeyu

    by Wilhelmina Mbeyu

    Yes i do recommend it very much because it's easier to use anywhere and easier to access

  • Andres Belen

    by Andres Belen

    not stalling my laptop, i do not know why? help how to download site?