WhatsApp will make it easier to share your contact details

Patrick Devaney


Anybody who has ever used China’s biggest messaging app, WeChat, will be familiar with just how easy it is to share your contact details with new friends. All you have to do is open up your sharing page, which contains a QR code with all your details and your new friend simply needs to scan the code to put your details in their phonebook. The new Nametag feature on Instagram works the same way and it now looks like something similar is coming to WhatsApp.


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A QR code enhanced “Add New Contact” feature has been spotted in a recent beta version of WhatsApp

It seems that for regular users of WhatsApp there is a big update on the way. We’ve recently seen a slew of new features introduced to the advanced beta testing version of the app. Features like Picture-in-Picture display, which will allow users to watch videos while chatting have been spotted but are yet to receive a wider rollout. We can now add a new user interface feature for quickly adding new contacts to the list of expected features as the guys over at WABetaInfo have spotted the feature in the latest updated version of the WhatsApp beta app.

There is a similar feature that WhatsApp has run in the past, but this new updated version will completely replace it and build on its functionality. The new system requires users to hit Add contact and then select the country where the new contact is based. WhatsApp will automatically add the correct country code and then, when you’ve added the contact’s phone number, will tell you if the user is already on WhatsApp. It is a much simpler system for adding new contacts to the one currently found on WhatsApp.

The major change is the introduction of the QR code contact detail sharing system. The QR code will work in a similar way to how you activate WhatsApp web on a new computer. Users will be able to create their own contact details code and then share the code with new friends. When the code is scanned by another device, a new contact will be created and all the details held in the code will automatically fill out the contact on the new device.

This new feature was spotted on the iOS beta version of WhatsApp, but it is believed that it will also come to the Android version of the app, too. This makes complete sense as WhatsApp tries to push into the business world more and more as it gives businesses a great way of getting their official WhatsApp Business accounts out there and easy to find by regular users.

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