WhatsApp Web is getting some nice image upgrades

Patrick Devaney


WhatsApp Web is a great way of staying in touch with your friends and family while using your computer. You open it up, zap the QR code with your phone, and then you’re away. I’ve a WhatsApp Web window open right now and I’m pretty sure, if you’re reading this article on your laptop or desktop PC, you do too.

WhatsApp on a computer

The only thing with WhatsApp Web though, is that isn’t as fully featured as the mobile app. I’m not going to get into the fact you need your phone to be on to use it; which rumor has it, WhatsApp is working to fix, I’m talking more here about viewing images on WhatsApp Web. When you receive a big batch of images all at once you can view them as an album on your mobile, but when you go to WhatsApp Web all you see is a stream of single images. This looks set to change.


Image Albums are coming to WhatsApp Web

There are two main problems with receiving a lot of photos at once and only being able to look at them one at a time. The first, is that it breaks up the chat. If you’re chatting to somebody about their holiday and they send you 57 holiday snaps with them all showing up individually, you’re going to have to do a lot of scrolling in between what was said before they were sent and what was sent afterwards. On mobile, this isn’t an issue as all those photos get grouped into an Album and you can see what was said before and after right there on the same screen.

whatsapp web album screenshot
This is annoying

The other main problem is downloading or sharing the images. If somebody has sent you a group of photos and you decide you want to keep or share them, it can be a painstaking process going through each of them and hitting the download or share button individually. Again, on mobile, this isn’t an issue and one click will download and share them all.

Whatsapp mobile album screenshot
This is less annoying

This is why it is good news that WhatsApp is developing an Albums feature for WhatsApp Web. Although not yet even available in the beta version of WhatsApp it has been spotted in some advance code by the team at WABetaInfo.

new whatsapp web album screenshot
Image via: WABetaInfo

The advance Albums feature for WhatsApp Web will work just like the Albums feature on WhatsApp for mobile. Whenever you receive multiple items at once, they’ll automatically be grouped together into an Album. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to share and download Albums entirely from WhatsApp Web, just like you can on mobile.

This is still a very advanced feature, however, that still has a lot of development ahead of it before it’ll get a general roll-out.

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