WhatsApp update bringing polls and surveys to the app

Patrick Devaney


We’ve been covering a lot of cool updates that will be coming to WhatsApp over the next few weeks and months. These include a new camera, new avatars, and even a new Communities feature. Well today we have another new feature to report on for you, as it looks like WhatsApp has been working on a new survey and polls feature. Let’s check it out.

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The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, version, has shown up an interesting new feature that will give users the chance to share surveys and polls with friends and families using WhatsApp Groups.

WhatsApp update bringing polls and surveys to the app

The feature is already quite far along the development path and looks like it is already complete for implementation. The polls feature is found in the chat share options of a group, and it looks as though it will be available for all members of the group and not just group admins. It will include the ability to ask questions and then provide up to 12 different response options, which will be available to the other group users to respond with. It also looks like group participants will be able to respond with more than one option.

Once the polls and surveys are complete, the group participants will be able to find out the details of who voted and for what by clicking on the “view votes” option.

Even though the feature does appear to be fully formed and usable, this is the first time it has really been spotted on a beta version of WhatsApp, which means it likely still has a lot of testing and maybe further development to go before it will receive a wider rollout. This means it could be a while before we all get it on our versions of WhatsApp and that it may have different options and features available when we do.

In other recent WhatsApp news, a new update will make it easier to talk to yourself on the messaging app.

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