WhatsApp to Implement New Update Soon

Shaun M Jooste


UpdatedUpdated on June 17

New WhatsApp Features Are Coming to Android and iOS Devices

WhatsApp has been beta testing some new features that will be launching on Android and iOS shortly. We’ve counted at least five functions coming your way, assuming that the development and feedback go well. You may recognize them in other messaging applications, but that’s because WhatsApp is doing all it can to retain the current users.

The first highlight is Disappearing Mode, where you can set how long messages will remain in your chats and groups before they automatically vanish. This tool will save you the effort of doing so yourself when you want to clear some storage space. 

You can also enable ViewOnce Mode. When you send photos and videos, the receiver will only be able to see the content once before it vanishes. However, nothing stops them from taking screenshots.

WhatsApp to Implement New Update Soon

WhatsApp will let you review your voice messages before sending them, which will save some users lots of embarrassment. There’ll also be an archive update so that you no longer see archived messages when you receive a new chat from the relevant contact. Some things are better left forgotten.

Of course, the most significant feature will be multi-platform support. You can be connected to up to four devices simultaneously, even if the primary device has no internet connection. We’re not sure yet when these updates will go live, but they’re a move in the right direction.

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