WhatsApp Pay coming later this year: Finally, we have an official announcement

Patrick Devaney


If you’re interested in WhatsApp’s long =-awaited payment and cash transfer service, you’ll know that we’ve been following this story for a long time. From when it first arrived on the beta version of WhatsApp back in the summer of 2017 to the news last week that WhatsApp was almost ready to submit its report to the financial ombudsman in India, we’ve been keeping a very close eye on this one for a very long time. Well, finally we have some official news for you rather than hearsay, rumors, and anonymous comments.

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WhatsApp will roll-out its new payment service in India by the end of this year

At an event in New Delhi, WhatsApp’s global head, Will Cathcart announced that, “to boost digital inclusion in India, we can launch the (Pay) service across the country later this year after meeting regulations.” The long road is finally coming to an end as WhatsApp Pay looks to have been approved for operation by the Reserve Bank of India.

After much delay then, WhatsApp Pay is finally ready to roll-out to India’s 400 million WhatsApp users. The plans for WhatsApp Pay go beyond India, however, with Reuters reporting Mark Zuckerberg as saying in a recent Facebook earnings conference call, “It’s a regulatory approval question in India at this point… We’re also working beyond India in a number of other countries and hope to have this rolled out to a large percent of the people who use WhatsApp within the next year.” It looks like WhatsApp Pay won’t only be confined to Indian WhatsApp users.

This one has been a long time brewing then, but it is clear that even though WhatsApp Pay is finally about to launch in India, there are still a lot of future developments to come with as Facebook seems to have some very grand plans for it. As soon as we learn more about a concrete launch date for WhatsApp’s latest service or about the other countries that can expect to see it, we’ll let you know. Make sure you stick with us for all the latest news and rumors about WhatsApp.

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