This robot will stab you if you ignore your WhatsApp notifications

Ben Bowman


There’s nothing more excruciating than waiting for your friend to reply to an urgent message. That’s why one YouTuber created a robot that will stab you repeatedly until you answer your WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp stab robot

We have so many questions. Is a missed WhatsApp message really worth bloodshed? Could this mad genius unleash a swarm of stab-bots to force our constant attention? Also, why does this exist?

The YouTube creator who posted this video makes things even more cryptic in his video description:

“Don’t try this. im talking about serious injuries. we all hate the people who are slow at reading messages. so i built this. Dont forget to share, like and subscribe. BTW michael this is no hate, just a reminder that there are people who can’t understand what you have done(at least one person).”

Who is Michael? What happened between these two? Is this passive-aggressive or straight-up regular-aggressive?

It’s 2019. We don’t have flying cars, but we do have stabby notification robots. Cool.

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