WhatsApp is adding more features to group calls

Leri Koen


The last WhatsApp update to group calls received a warm embrace. This last feature allowed users to add up to 32 participants to a group call, making the app remind us even more of competitor Signal. The message and video calling giant is now rolling out even more features for group calls. 


The first new feature is an indicator that will appear at the bottom of the call. This indicator will then let other participants of the call know when someone else joins the call. This also means that you’ll be able to join a group call, even if you missed it. Another useful feature is the ability to message or mute other participants directly from the call. This means you want to navigate away from the call just to mute a participant who forgot to mute themselves. 

WhatsApp is adding more features to group calls

The ability to mute participants also doesn’t just lie with the host of the group call. Anyone on the call can mute any other participant. This means that if you notice that someone has forgotten to mute themselves and is causing quite a bit of interference during the call, you can mute them quickly and easily without having to notify the host or interrupt the meeting.

These new group call features are being rolled out to all users of WhatsApp on Android and iOS with the latest version installed. Some users might even notice these features are already available on their devices. However, if you don’t see these features yet, don’t panic. It might take a few days to reach all WhatsApp users.

Despite becoming more like Telegram, the improvements and added features for group calls make the app more useful. We look forward to seeing what other features and improvements the developers have planned.

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