WhatsApp future update lets admins create communities

Leri Koen


The popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, is frequently working on new features to keep the app fresh. We saw evidence of this with the new dark mode for WhatsApp beta. Recently, WABetaInfo and XDA Developers spotted some references to a new feature that may be coming in a future WhatsApp update.

This latest feature is being referred to as Communities. From the little available information, it appears that this ‘Community’ feature will allow admins to have more control over their groups. Admins will be able to combine similar groups into a community to make managing the groups easier.

WhatsApp future update lets admins create communities

This will work similar to a group chat, with admins also able to link different groups. However, this will not be like a social media platform as all messages will still be private and feature end-to-end encryption.

The ‘Community’ feature will make it possible for admins to link different groups and make it much easier to find these groups without having to scroll through your entire chat history. Admins will also be able to send messages to all groups within a ‘Community’ at once.

This new WhatsApp feature will be ideal for users who manage multiple groups within the same organization. For example, those managing a degree course can create a ‘Community’ within which all the different classes as groups. This will make it easy for the admin to send notifications to all members without sending the message to each individual group.

This feature is still in development for WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. As such, it’s not available for beta testing yet. There is also currently no release date for this new feature.

We are looking forward to the beta release so that we can try out this feature which should make managing groups much easier and more convenient. Who knows, maybe this will be a new way to increase productivity on WhatsApp.

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