WhatsApp group admins will have the power to delete messages

Shaun M Jooste


Are you in a situation where you manage several WhatsApp groups and you constantly have to tell people not to share specific content? While some other apps give you more control, WhatsApp is currently not one of them. Well, it seems like the beta testing is set to include a feature where group admins can delete any messages they want.


Group admins on Facebook, Telegram, and Discord channels will tell you how many times they’ve had to warn users about content and comments before deleting messages. It’s a feature that’s been around for a long time, just not for WhatsApp. According to WABetaInfo, group admins may be able to also do so on WhatsApp sometime in the future.

WhatsApp group admins will have the power to delete messages

The testing shows how you long-press the message before selecting the delete option. That means group admins can remove the chat for everyone, making sure no one’s offended by what was posted. It will also stop people from self-promotions or advertising products when the channel description tells them not to.


What group admins on WhatsApp do at the moment is issue warnings about behavior, after which they remove you from the channel if you don’t listen. While I still feel this is the way to go, the message is stuck there and still has an impact on the members. Being able to remove the post for everyone is a much better way forward.

Of course, it would help if members just listen when told not to do something. But, we already know that’s not everyone’s nature. Some people are just born to rebel. At least we know that WhatsApp won’t lower restrictions for governments and intends to keep your chats private.

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