Meta brings Waveforms to WhatsApp Beta for Windows

Russell Kidson


WhatsApp is finally adding waveforms to voice notes for WhatsApp Beta for Windows. While waveforms may not be news to you if you have the mobile version of the popular chat app, this is a feature that WhatsApp for Windows previously did not have. Of course, waveforms weren’t necessary until recently because WhatsApp for Windows didn’t have support for voice notes. Now, however, it does. 


As seen in the image below, waveforms now show up when you send and receive a voice note in the recently updated Beta version of WhatsApp for Windows. Unfortunately, because this feature is still technically in beta testing, waveforms will not apply to older voice notes sent or received before the WhatsApp for Windows Beta version update.

Meta brings Waveforms to WhatsApp Beta for Windows
Meta brings Waveforms to WhatsApp Beta for Windows

In such a case, you’ll see blank waveforms instead of those that fluctuate with the presence and volume of your voice. This isn’t a bug. Instead, it’s simply a feature of voice notes recorded in either an older version of WhatsApp or a version that is not compatible with the new intuitive waveform feature. 

The latest version of WhatsApp for Windows also includes a fix for notifications not popping up when the app is closed. This is an integral feature because not everyone keeps WhatsApp open while waiting for messages. The WhatsApp arm of Meta plans to introduce a number of new features to both the mobile version for Android and iOS, and the version for Windows and Web.

Even though the team is hard at work on new features and innovations, they have also assured users that they are issuing fixes and ironing out bugs in both the beta versions and existing stable software. New fixes and features will ship with the next WhatsApp for Windows Beta update. 

One of these new features that the WhatsApp team is working on is a native version of the viral Memojis. You’ll be able to express your virtual self in a more fluid, dynamic way soon!

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