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Top Ways To Find Someone On WhatsApp | 3 Easy Steps!

Shaun M Jooste


WhatsApp is a straightforward application. You just need to get a bit comfortable with its settings.

It’s also pretty consistent on Android and iOS. This article speaks about how you can find somebody with a phone number or add a chat if you have them in your contact list. 

  1. Open Play Store and search for WhatsApp

    How to update WhatsApp

    Find the applications manager from your Home screen and tap to open it. Use the search bar in the Play Store to type “WhatsApp” and tap the most relevant option in the list.

  2. Open the Update section

    How to update WhatsApp

    Once you do the previous step, the app will redirect to the WhatsApp page, where you’ll see two buttons: “Uninstall” and “Update.” The second one will be there only when the update is available.

  3. Click “Update”

    How to update WhatsApp

    Tap the green “Update” button and let the program download the latest version. Much like in the App Store, the button will change to “Open” once the program is available.

Update and stay safe!

Some people love to have beta software on their devices (we call them “update junkies”). There’s the other end of the spectrum: people who never download the new versions. While the former is an “untreatable illness” that only causes minor inconveniences like bugs, older software is outright dangerous, as it’s always easier to hack. Follow these uncomplicated steps to keep your device and personal details safe.

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