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Top 10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022



WhatsApp, the most popular and frequently used instant messaging network on the planet, is continually evolving. The messaging platform always adds new features and improves user experiences to give its users fresh and straightforward ways to interact and communicate with others. It’s already doubled the file sharing limit to 2GB and included a new Community function.


Whatsapp has revealed numerous new capabilities for the instant messaging network similar to these. Some of these capabilities are already available to WhatsApp beta program participants. This post will look at the new WhatsApp features forecasted in 2022.

Top 10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

Instagram Reels

WhatsApp plans to have access to the Instagram Reels area. Users can view Instagram Reels from the messaging app. This might be part of WhatsApp’s ambition to integrate with Facebook’s other applications. Instagram Reels, a short video function, was added to the photo-sharing app last year after the government outlawed TikTok.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

WhatsApp Communities

Whatsapp now allows users to form groups in which they may exchange messages, photographs, videos, and other content with a group of people. Users can create many unique groups and bring them together under a community, which they could govern when the instant messaging network launches its Communities feature. Admins can use this capability to create Groups inside Groups. End-to-end encryption will also be used for the Sub-Groups.

WhatsApp future update lets admins create communities READ MORE

It will be similar to how several Discord channels are organized under a single community. Admins will have additional capabilities in the Communities feature, such as sending announcement messages to whole groups or specific groups. The Community feature, like usual, is safeguarded by end-to-end encryption technology.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

Group size limit

WhatsApp expands the group size restriction to 512 participants from the existing 256. It’s now one step closer to rival Telegram due to this. The team is also working on a new group chat feature that would allow group directors to remove messages submitted by other group members without requiring their approval.

Admins will have better control over group conversations thanks to this functionality. Users will notice a notification stating, ‘This was removed by an admin’ when an admin deletes a message in the group chat.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

Reactions and Emojis

WhatsApp is testing an Emoji reply feature that allows users to utilize Emojis to respond to chat messages. Emoji responses are limited to only six emojis. Users may utilize the message reaction by tapping and holding a message, then dragging their finger to the correct emoji. Users may view who replied to incoming and outgoing messages. WhatsApp claims it will add additional emoji replies over time.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

Companion Mode

WhatsApp will introduce “Companion Mode,” a multi-device feature that allows users to attach a secondary mobile device, such as a tablet, to their WhatsApp account. Users may only attach their current WhatsApp account to a PC right now. The WhatsApp account will be accessible from numerous devices.

If a user chooses Companion mode and tries to link a registered WhatsApp account to a new device, all local data would be wiped, including conversations and media. You will move to the new WhatsApp account.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

WhatsApp Voice calls

WhatsApp is set to release a new group voice call interface shortly. During a group call, the platform adds voice waveforms for all participants. The waveforms of the voice are comparable to those of voice notes. According to reports, the new interface will have a rounded gray rectangular backdrop with the contact’s name, phone, profile picture on top, and the call length.

WhatsApp will increase the group voice call capacity to 32 participants. A group call can now accommodate just 8 persons. This moves the instant messaging platform closer to chat applications like Telegram, which allows you to add an unlimited number of individuals to a group audio chat.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

Chat filters

WhatsApp first provided chat filters to business account users a few months ago, and now, according to WABetainfo, the firm is working on introducing the functionality to normal user accounts. It will be possible to filter conversations by unread chats, contacts, non-contacts, and groups once the functionality is available.

Users can now only locate chats by pressing the Search button in the three-dot menu and looking for individual messages. By filtering chat messages by groups and criteria, the chat filter option will make it even easier to discover the appropriate message.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

WhatsApp Polls

In a future version, users can create polls on WhatsApp. Users may construct group polls and add up to twelve alternatives. WhatsApp appears to be extensively testing the Group Poll function, but we are unsure if it will materialize yet. 

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

Deleting Sent Messages

WhatsApp allows you to erase transmitted messages within the time restriction of 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. WhatsApp aims to extend the time restriction to up to two days and 12 hours. According to previous rumors,

WhatsApp was planned to raise the message deletion restriction to up to a week, but it has changed its mind and opted for a more sensible two-and-a-half-day limit. We don’t know when the corporation will formally implement the new time restriction for removing chat communications.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022


The ‘Delete Account’ option will be replaced by a logout button that will offer multi-device functionality in the future. Users may log out of WhatsApp accounts, just as they can from Facebook and other social networking apps.

The feature was recently discovered in a new WhatsApp beta version and is anticipated to be rolled out to both the iOS and Android app versions soon. The WhatsApp logout function should allow users to access their accounts from many devices simultaneously.

10 Expected New WhatsApp Features in 2022

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