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Quick Way to Backup WhatsApp

Shaun M Jooste


Whether you’re a WhatsApp user on Android or iOS, the messaging app lets you save conversations on the corresponding storage option.

On Apple devices, it’s the iCloud, and on Android, you can choose to use Google Drive. Your chat backups will be available for restoring previous conversations and in case you need to transfer the history to another device.

  1. Access chat settings

    How to Backup WhatsApp

    To start backing up your chat history, you need first to open the app and go to the settings. Click the gear icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Below “Account,” you’ll see “Chat.” Tap the line to access options.

  2. Choose “Chat Backups”

    How to Backup WhatsApp

    This page controls the chat background, camera roll settings, allows you to clear, delete, or archive all the conversations. It also includes the chat backup option. Once you tap that, it’ll redirect you to the next screen.

  3. Choose “Backup Now”

    How to Backup WhatsApp

    If you’ve never backed up your chat history, the “Last Backup” line will show “Never.” Alternatively, it’ll indicate when you performed it last. The second block on the screen shows the “Backup Now” option. Click it to initiate the process and wait for a few minutes.

Keep an Eye on Your Conversations on All Devices

If you’re using your PC in addition to a mobile device to access WhatsApp chats, there are a few backup options. One of them is to use a third-party backup program like Copytrans Contacts. These usually connect to your phone and save your conversation history in a selected location in a preferable format.

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