New concept for WhatsApp storage submitted to developers

Leri Koen


Submitting a concept to the WhatsApp developers is the best way to start seeing the features you want on the app. Granted, not all concepts will eventually make it onto the app, but it’s still a great way for users to make suggestions on improving the social communication app.


One of the most recent concepts submitted is from WABetaInfo, and we’re quite excited by it! This is not the first concept that they’ve submitted to the developers. A while back, they also suggested a feature allowing users to share their focus mode status with all chats. This is another feature we feel can be very useful if implemented.

New concept for WhatsApp storage submitted to developers

Their newest concept allows users to manage their WhatsApp storage by deleting certain types of messages. Does this sound familiar? It should, as this used to be a feature on WhatsApp. This feature was available on the chat app two years ago but was replaced by the ‘Manage Storage’ section, which enabled users to manage their chats by seeing more details.,f_auto/p/cc03a0ea-96d0-11e6-9905-00163ed833e7/1398466786/whatsapp-icon.png

This new concept aims to bring back the storage feature that allows users to delete certain types of messages, but with a twist. The team who worked on the concept suggested that developers add a new ‘Manage Storage’ tab in the contact info screen for easy access. This menu will allow users to clear specific messages, such as GIFs, documents, photos, etc., from the chat.

As we mentioned, this is still just a concept, and there’s no guarantee that we’ll see it on WhatsApp. That being said, there’s no denying that this will be an extremely useful feature, and we hope to see it on the app in the future. WhatsApp seems keen on giving users more features to control how they use the app, so it might be possible to see this one as well.

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