This might be the most important WhatsApp update yet

Patrick Devaney


WhatsApp Groups offer a fantastic way to stay in touch or just up to date with lots of friends and family all at the same time. Speaking in larger forums, however, brings with it an element of risk as we all sometimes say things that perhaps we shouldn’t. Being able to delete for everyone messages we send to the group gives us a second chance to take back what we shouldn’t have said. WhatsApp, however, has one last trap in this situation because if you hit Delete for Me instead of Delete for Everyone, your misplaced message will stay there for everybody else to see and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, however, it looks like WhatsApp is working on giving you another second chance.

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Thanks to the imperious vigilance of the WhatsApp beta testing community, we can bring you news of a new Undo Delete message feature that is currently in testing. The feature will give you a window of opportunity to undo the deleting of your messages.

This might be the most important WhatsApp update yet

If you’ve ever used the Undo Send feature on email clients like Gmail, then you will have an idea of how this feature will work. Basically, whenever you delete a message, you will get a small notification bar showing up for a few seconds at the bottom of the screen that will give you the opportunity to undo the deletion.

The feature is currently rolling out to certain beta testers, but not all. This means that it is still going through the early stages of beta testing and could still be some way off from a general rollout.

If you have ever felt that devastatingly embarrassing feeling when you’ve locked in a message you wanted to delete by deleting it just for you instead of for everyone, then you will understand the importance of this feature. It might only seem to be a minor tweak but make no mistake, when this rolls out to all users it will be the most important WhatsApp update ever for some users.

In other WhatsApp news, groups may soon have a new approval system to help decide who can and who can’t enter WhatsApp group chats.

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