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How to Know If You’ve Been Blocked on Whatsapp in 5 Fast Steps

Whatsapp serves as the primary means of communication for most people, whether on PC, Mac, iPhone, or any Android device, but, as with anything, things can go wrong. Maybe you sent one too many chain messages to a friend, or maybe you sent a text to your ex confessing your feelings to them, and you haven’t heard back. You try to send another message but still no response, and you suspect that you’ve been blocked, but you don’t know how to confirm it. Luckily, there are a few ways to check whether you’ve been blocked, and that’s what we’ll go through in today’s guide.

How to Know If You’ve Been Blocked on Whatsapp

There isn’t a definitive way to know if you’ve been blocked, but there are a few tests that you can run to check and draw an accurate conclusion. Without any further delays, let’s take a look!

Step 1: Check online status

This first step is the easiest one, check the person’s online status underneath their name. If you can still see the text that says when they were last online, then you haven’t been blocked. However, this text could also disappear if they changed their privacy settings, so it’s not reliable by itself.

Step 2: Look for updates

Check the person’s profile to see if they’ve updated anything. If you’ve been blocked, then the person’s profile will remain the same as when they blocked you, and you won’t see any new status or profile picture updates.

Step 3: Send a message

Try and send them a message; if you’ve been blocked, the message will have one tick but will never get the second tick to show that it was delivered.

Step 4: Call the contact

Give the person a call; if they’ve blocked you, then any call you try to place won’t go through.

Step 5: Create a group

If none of these methods are definitive enough for you, try and make a Whatsapp group with the person; if you receive a message saying that you’re not authorized to add them to the group, you’ve definitely been blocked.

Block the Drama

While there are many reasons to block someone on Whatsapp, it can hurt when you’re on the receiving end of it. If you are, though, then maybe the best thing to do is move on. After all, if someone doesn’t want to talk to you, are they really worth your time?

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