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How to fix notifications for WhatsApp Web

Nacho Requena Molina


If you regularly use WhatsApp and don’t know about WhatsApp Web, we’ll say this: start using it now. The popular cell phone messaging app released a PC version about two years ago. This was one of the most requested features by users of this app.

Though usage has spread across the world, WhatsApp Web still has lots to improve, and notifications are one of the main problem areas. That’s why today at Softonic, we’ll give you some tips for fixing notifications that aren’t working too well.


Enable sound

In general, sound is enabled by default on WhatsApp Web, but just in case, we’ll give you an overview. Enabling sound for notifications is one of the best ways to know if somebody is talking to you on WhatsApp. To do this, just click on the three dots and go to “Settings.” Look for the option “Sound.” If you check it, every time you receive a message, a little beep will notify you.

Desktop alerts

This is the second option after enabling sounds: desktop alerts. If you looked carefully at the options under “Settings,” you’ll see that there’s one called “Desktop alerts.” Check it if you want to be shown a small pop-up in the lower right of your screen. Obviously, it reveals that you’ve been sent a message, so it doesn’t provide much privacy.

If you notice the box isn’t working correctly, remember that you can also enable desktop alerts from Google Chrome.


We’ve already mentioned two tips for receiving notifications, so our last one is aimed at getting them to work well: having a good connection. WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Mobile exchange info in real-time, so it’s recommended that both tools are connected to a high-quality network (even better if it’s the same one).

Likewise, WhatsApp has two versions, a web client to use with a browser and another to install on Windows. After two years of using them, we’ll say that the browser tool works better than the installable one. However, this may be a matter of personal experience.

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