Beware this Fake WhatsApp Update Scam

Patrick Devaney


WhatsApp reigns supreme as the number 1 messaging app around. Unfortunately, its popularity also makes it a prime target for hackers looking to scam its users. The events of this weekend have shown the world just how dangerous these cyber criminals can be and it seems there is a brand new scam doing the rounds that is targeting WhatsApp users.

Reddit user yuexist has hightlighted a fake website that has been set up to try and persuade WhatsApp users to download dodgy adware onto their phone. шһатѕарр.com has been setup in an attempt to get users to download a new colors update that would allow them to change the colour of their WhatsApp.

Beware this Fake WhatsApp Update Scam

This website is fake and if you receive a notification asking you to download the WhatsApp colors update you need to ignore it. People who click the fake шһатѕарр.com link will be asked to share the link to multiple groups so as to prove that they’re human. Once the link has been shared adware will be installed onto the user’s device. Once the adware is installed the user will get a message saying that WhatsApp colors is only available on WhatsApp web and given a link to a chrome extension.

Beware this Fake WhatsApp Update Scam

This type of scam is quite common on WhatsApp and they’re often circulated via the app. Make sure you let everybody know about this WhatsApp colors scam so that they’re phones and PCs don’t get infected with adware.

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