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4 alternatives to WhatsApp for chatting with your friends and family

Miranda Lucas


While WhatsApp is a reliable and useful messaging app, it’s important to realize that there are more fish in the sea. If WhatsApp doesn’t seem like quite the right fit, or if you just want to try something new, why not join another service? Here are some of WhatsApp’s competitors.

4 alternatives to WhatsApp for chatting with your friends and family

Similar to WhatsApp in that it uses phone numbers to identify users, this app easily integrates with your address book and connects you to other users that you may know. It also lets you make calls when you have an internet connection.
Facebook Messenger Download Messenger
Although many people use Facebook Messenger on a regular basis, it’s not always immediately thought of as a replacement for WhatsApp. However, the Messenger app provides messaging and even calling services over the internet. The only drawback with this service is that it doesn’t let you contact people who aren’t on Facebook.
After recently merging user contacts with old MSN and Hotmail accounts, Skype has the power to connect users with a wealth of individuals. It’s a great way to place a call for free or to send messages reliably using a Wi-Fi connection. One of the biggest differences with this service is that it requires individuals to approve contacts before starting chats.
Kik Messenger download free
This is a basic but reliable and free messaging app that competes with WhatsApp. It's easy to use: you just register with an email address and choose a username. From there, you can either message individuals or in groups. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple.

These apps are all comparable to WhatsApp, while offering a bit of variation. They’re all great picks, so choose the one that suits your messaging needs the best!

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